Steve McQueen's Rolex 5512 on AntiquorumFor the 11th of June, Antiquorum is auctioning Timepieces from 20th century Icons. This auction includes some items that belonged to Steve McQueen. Besides the actual watch that Steve McQueen wore within the Le Mans movie, the Heuer Monaco (ref.1133), Antiquorum is also auctioning his Von Dutch motorcycle (what has this with regards to timepieces you could ask? I not really know. It must use money probably.) and a Rolex Submariner 5512 that's fond of Jimmy Brucker, watches early 1980. I'm not sure when it is the particular watch that is spotted on the wrist of Steve McQueen a couple of times, or that it must be only a similar model. Chad McQueen, Steve's son, may be spotted wearing an identical Submariner likewise. That knows.Antiquorum estimates which the Heuer Monaco between 10.000 USD and 20. rolex best replicas 000 USD. Same applies to the Rolex Submariner 5512. I do believe both estimates certainly are a bit low in truth, specially when it can be proven that Steve McQueen actually wore this Submariner as part of his private life too. The Heuer Monaco was presented away following the movie, after he hit how back home. Thus far for Steve's loyalty for the Heuer Monaco. Who's responsible? Definitely not Steve McQueen, however this is just as before showing the sad marketing by TAG Heuer of milking out of the by using their watch within a movie. And after all now, this movie is certainly not great either, apart from the nice scenery.Anyway, well informed sources over at 'Das Rolex Forum' declared the dial is replaced eventually throughout the watch's lifetime. The watch is undoubtedly polished several times at the same time. However, that doesn't count, when someone (that i think really should be Antiquorum's role) can show that Steve McQueen actually did wear this specific watch.Other timepieces on this auction can be a gold Cartier Pasha with quartz movement, given to Sammy Davis Jr. by uncle Frank Sinatra, and in 1980.?Ǭ? Estimated costs are between 10.000 USD and 20.000 USD. It seems to me that the 'experts' over at Antiquorum have an easy job, or are just lazy. Then there are these Gruen and Movado replica watches. The Gruen would have been a gift from Frank Sinatra to a friend of his, Al Silvani. Frank did actually enjoy handing out timepieces. The Movado would be a gift to President Roosevelt, by his son-in-law, for his 63rd birthday in 1945. This watch is estimated at 50.000 USD to 60.000 USD.Wish to see one other object available for sale? Try http://www.antiquorum. reactor watches com/eng/press/2009/209106/juneny09auction.html. replica breitling watches straps
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